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Title: Study of the Magnetic Field Current-Carrying Conductor of Various Geometric Shapes
Authors: Andreev, A. N.
Andreeva, O. N.
Minakova, K. A.
Keywords: microcontroller; conductor; circular currents; measurements of current strength; biot-savart-laplace law; magnetic field
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Serednyak T. K.
Citation: Andreev A. N. Study of the Magnetic Field Current-Carrying Conductor of Various Geometric Shapes / A. N. Andreev, O. N. Andreeva, K. A. Minakova // Hands-on Science. Innovative Education in Science and Technology : book. of abstr. of 16th Intern. conf., September 2-6, 2019. – Dnipro : Serednyak T. K., 2019. – P. 96-98.
Abstract: The article presents a detailed description of an available compact measuring complex for studying the magnetic field of conductors with different currents based on the ATmega 328 microcontroller. The conductor is fixed on the tablet (horizontal surface with a hole system containing a digital magnetic field sensor) with a thermoplastic adhesive. This makes it possible to investigate the magnetic field of not only closed circuits with a current of various geometric shapes, but also individual sections of the conductor. The use of a microcontroller allows to reduce the error of the obtained experimental results by automated repeated repetition of measurements and their subsequent averaging. With the help of the developed complex, the Biot-Savart-Laplace law and the principle of superposition of the magnetic field for circular currents of different diameters, with different currents flowing through the circuit were verified using a graphical method. It is established that the error of measurements of current strength and magnetic field induction does not exceed 10%.
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