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Title: Testing of hydrodynamic drive of cranes mechanisms
Authors: Grigorov, O. V.
Anishchenko, G. O.
Petrenko, N.
Strizhak, V. V.
Turchyn, O. V.
Strizhak, M. G.
Okun, A. O.
Radchenko, V.
Keywords: damages; load on cranes steel structure; hydrodynamic drives; fatigue of crane units; oscillograms of tests
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: AGIR Publishing House, Bucharest, Romania
Citation: Testing of hydrodynamic drive of cranes mechanisms / O. V. Grigorov [et al.] // Journal of Engineering Sciences and Innovation. – 2020. – Vol. 5, iss. 4. – P. 371-382.
Abstract: The results of researches on the cranes (bridge, tower and portal) with hydrodynamic drives of travel and slewing mechanisms are given. Recommendations for a significant increase hydraulic drives elements limit number of fatigue cycles in relation to a drive with a phase rotor are given.
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