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Title: Structure, thermal stability and reflectivity of Sc/Si and Sc/W/Si/W multilayer X-ray mirrors
Authors: Vinogradov, A. V.
Pershin, Yu. P.
Zubarev, E. N.
Voronov, D. L.
Pen’kov, A. V.
Kondratenko, V. V.
Uspenskii, Yu. A.
Artioukov, I. A.
Seely, J. F.
Keywords: EUV optics; multilayer; thermal stability; оптика; термостабільність; багатошарові рентгенівські дзеркала
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: SPIE
Citation: Structure, thermal stability and reflectivity of Sc/Si and Sc/W/Si/W multilayer X-ray mirrors / A. V. Vinogradov [et al.] // Soft X-Ray Lasers and Applications IV : Proc. SPIE. – San-Diego, CA (USA), 2001. – Vol. 4505. – P. 230-235.
Abstract: Processes going on at elevated temperatures between Sc and Si layers in Sc/Si coatings are studied by X-ray scattering and cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy. It is shown that the W layers of 0.5-0.8nm placed at Sc-Si interfaces form effective barriers preventing the penetration of Si into Sc. The effects of Si-Sc diffusion and W-barriers on the reflectivity of coatings are calculated in good agreement with experimental results. Presented measurements show that the Sc/W/Si/W multilayers with the period of 20.5 nm fabricated by dc-magnetron sputtering possess thermal stability up to 250 C and the normal incidence reflectivity of 24% at wavelengths about 40 nm.
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