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Title: Professional competence formation of future pedagogical workers in the conditions of dual education by means of digital technologies
Authors: Turbar, Tetiana
Alieksieieva, Svitlana
Vyshnyk, Olha
Vasenko, Oleksandr
Subota, Larysa
Keywords: dual education; digital technologies; level of professional competence; digital competence; efficiency of using digital tools
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Akademické sdružení MAGNANIMITAS, Czech Republic
Citation: Professional competence formation of future pedagogical workers in the conditions of dual education by means of digital technologies / T. Turbar [et al.] // AD ALTA : Journal of Interdisciplinary Research. – 2021. – Vol. 12, iss. 1, spec. iss. 26. – P. 106-111.
Abstract: Initiated and actively implemented educational reforms affect all areas of education. One of the forms of education, gradually covering the institutions of higher education in Ukraine, is dual education. It combines theory and practice, providing a process of acquiring knowledge by the higher education seekers both in the traditional way and during practical work in a real enterprise. The main objective of introducing elements of dual education is to eliminate the main shortcomings of traditional forms and methods of training future professionals, to eliminate the gap between theory and practice, training and production, improving the quality of training taking into accounts the requirements of employers.The purpose of the academic paper lies in analysing the importance and features of developing professional competence of higher pedagogical education in the context of dual education using digital technologies. The research has provided data on the effectiveness of new digital technologies from the perspective of students. In addition, the opinions of students and teachers on the effectiveness of different types of digital tools during the learning process were studied. The results of the research are essential for further methodological development in the process of planning the implementation of this type of tools in higher educational institutions.
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