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Title: The problem of combined optimal load flow control of main conveyor line
Authors: Pihnastyi, O. M.
Khodusov, V. D.
Kotova, Anna
Keywords: conveyor optimal control; onveyor optimal control; distributed transport system
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Technical University of Kosice
Citation: Pihnastyi O. The problem of combined optimal load flow control of main conveyor line / O. Pihnastyi, V. Khodusov, A. Kotova // Acta Montanistica Slovaca. – 2022. – Vol. 27. – № 1. – P. 216-229.
Abstract: The combined method of flow parameters control of conveyor transport system is researched in this article. A transport system a distributed model with input accumulative bunker is developed for the optimal control synthesis. The transport system model is presented in dimensionless form. Expressions are obtained that determine the states of flow parameters along the transport route. The amount of transport delay was calculated for each technological position of the transport route at an arbitrary point in time. A system of characteristic equations is written down, the solution of which determines the trajectory of movement of a separate element of the transported material. Conditions are considered under which the material output flow does not depend on the initial filling of the conveyor section with the material. The algorithm of optimal control development of the material flow rate at the output from the accumulative bunker and the conveyor belt speed, which ensures the minimum deviation of the output cargo flow from a planned amount, is given. The optimal control algorithm takes into account the restrictions on the control modes of flow parameters and the volume of the accumulating bunker. It is shown that the developed control algorithm ensures the maximum filling of the transport system with material and forms a uniform distribution of material along the transportation route.
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