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Title: Technology for Producing Components of Technological and Boiler Fuels from Polymer Raw Materials
Authors: Shevchenko, Kyrylo
Grigorov, A. B.
Ponomarenko, Vitaliy
Nahliuk, Mikhail
Bondarenko, Oleksandr
Stetsiuk, Yevhen
Matukhno, Vasyl
Keywords: polymeric materials; secondary raw materials; thermal destruction; reactor; fuel; fractionation; component; properties
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Technology for Producing Components of Technological and Boiler Fuels from Polymer Raw Materials [Electronic resource] / K. Shevchenko [et al.] // Petroleum and coal. – Electronic text data. – 2021. – Vol. 63, iss. 3. – P. 736-741. – URL:, free (accessed 08.09.2022).
Abstract: The article presents a schematic diagram of obtaining the components of technological and boiler fuels from polymer raw materials represented by materials from low and high pressure polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene. This scheme is based on the process of non-catalytic thermal destruction of raw materials in a batch reactor and consists of a section for preparation of raw materials, a section for thermal destruction as well as the fractionation of the resulting products. The given scheme on an industrial scale, depending on the properties of the raw material, makes it possible to obtain 10-20% (mass) of the fraction - 200°C, 30-50% (mass) of the 200-360°C fraction and 20-30% (mass.) fractions (> 360°C). Among the by-products, 3.0-5.0% (mass) light hydrocarbon gases (0.5-1.0 mass %) and the coke residue are formed. According to their properties, the obtained liquid products can be used as components for the production of process and a boiler fuel or as additives to improve the low-temperature properties of commercial fuels.
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