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Title: Biosafety in Ukraine as a socially significant national interest
Authors: Grybko, O. V.
Hren, L. M.
Romanovskiy, Oleksandr G.
Chebotarev, Mykola
Hrabar, Nataliia
Keywords: public administration; environmental pollution; ecological sphere; biological risk; genetically modified organisms
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Asociaţiunea Transilvană pentru Literatura Română şi Cultura Poporului Român - ASTRA
Citation: Biosafety in Ukraine as a socially significant national interest / O. Grybko [et al.] // Astra Salvensis. – 2022. – Year 10, № 1. – P. 617-635.
Abstract: The study considers approaches to defining the essence of the “national interest” concept, taking into account its genesis and the presence of two approaches to its understanding – idealistic and realistic. It is established that the national interest can be called the goals and objectives of state domestic and foreign policy, the implementation of which ensures progressive democratic development, as well as safe living conditions and welfare of its citizens. For constructive and detailed research of the specified object special methods were used: sociological interrogation, analysis and synthesis, generalization, forecasting and modeling, formal-logical, comparative-legal etc. With the help of a systematic approach, structural-functional, comparative and institutional methods the conclusions of the article were formed. As part of the creative team for research, a sociological study was conducted on the implementation of national interests in Ukraine, which allowed to establish that the least guaranteed among the national interests by respondents consider ecological and biological safety. A number of factors have been identified that make the provision of biosafety a matter not of single country but many countries. In pursuance of one of the items of the Decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine “On challenges and threats to national security of Ukraine in the environmental sphere and priority measures to neutralize them”, a functional basis for biosafety is proposed, and an algorithm to identify and respond quickly to potential biological threats.
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