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Title: The Logical-Linguistic Model of Fact Extraction from English Texts
Authors: Khairova, N. F.
Petrasova, S. V.
Gautam, Ajit Pratap Singh
Keywords: logical-linguistic model; fact extraction; finite predicates algebra; triplet; grammatical features; syntactic features
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Khairova N. F. The Logical-Linguistic Model of Fact Extraction from English Texts [Electronic resource] / N. F. Khairova, S. Petrasova, A. P. S. Gautam // Information and Software Technologies (ICIST 2016) : proc. 22nd Intern. Conf., Druskininkai, Lithuania, October 13-15, 2016 / ed.: G. Dregvaite, R. Damasevicius. – Electronic text data. – Cham, 2016. – P. 625-635. – (Ser. : Communications in Computer and Information Science. Vol. 639). – URL:, paid access (accessed 10.09.2022).
Abstract: In this paper we suggest the logical-linguistic model that allows extracting required facts from English sentences. We consider the fact in the form of a triplet: Subject > Predicate > Object with the Predicate representing relations and the Object and Subject pointing out two entities. The logical-linguistic model is based on the use of the grammatical and semantic features of words in English sentences. Basic mathematical characteristic of our model is logical-algebraic equations of the finite predicates algebra. The model was successfully implemented in the system that extracts and identifies some facts from Web-content of a semi-structured and non-structured English text.
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