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dc.contributor.authorRassylkin, Antonen
dc.contributor.authorVodovozov, Valeryen
dc.identifier.citationRassylkin A. To study propulsion drives / A. Rassylkin, V. Vodovozov // Энергосбережение. Энергетика. Энергоаудит = Energy saving. Power engineering. Energy audit. – 2013. – № 8. – Спец. вып. Т. 2 : К 50-летию со дня основания кафедры промышленной и биомедицинской электроники Национального технического университета "Харьковского политехнического института". – С. 65-70.en
dc.description.abstractThis paper describes a test bench developed to study and monitor the propulsion drives of electric vehicles at Tallinn University of Technology. The composition and performance of the setup are explained. The charging process of the supercapacitor bank is described as an example of the test bench application. The developed simulation model of the supercapacitor bank is presented and discussed.en
dc.publisherНТУ "ХПИ"ru
dc.subjectelectrical vehicleen
dc.subjecttest benchen
dc.subjectelectrical driveen
dc.titleTo study propulsion drivesen
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