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Title: Biomechanics aspects of technique of high jump
Authors: Adashevskiy, V. M.
Iermakov, S. S.
Marchenko, A. A.
Keywords: biomechanics; trajectory; pose; sportsman; jump; height
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts
Citation: Adashevskiy V. M. Biomechanics aspects of technique of high jump / V. M. Adashevskiy, S. S. Iermakov, A. A. Marchenko // Physical education of students. – 2013. – Vol. 2. – p. 11-17.
Abstract: The purpose of work consists in the theoretical ground of optimum biomechanics descriptions in high jumps. A mathematical model is developed for determination of influence on the height of jump: speed and corner of flight of centre-of-mass during pushing away, positions of centre-of-mass body of sportsman in the phases of pushing away and transition through a slat, forces of resistance of air environment, influences of moment of inertia of body. The basic technical run-time errors of sportsman are selected exercises. To biomechanics descriptions, to the step-up effectiveness of high jumps belong: speed of flight of centre-of-mass sportsman (4.2-5.8 meters in a second), corner of flight of centre-of-mass body (50-58 degrees), height of flight of centre-of mass body (0.85-1.15 meter). Directions of choice of necessary biomechanics descriptions which a sportsman can realize are shown. Offered recommendation on the increase of effectiveness of high jumps.
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