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Title: Synthesis and structure of new N-alkoxy-N-(1-pyridinium)urea chlorides
Authors: Shtamburg, V. G.
Shtamburg, V. V.
Tsygankov, A. V.
Anishchenko, A. A.
Zubatyuk, R. I.
Shishkina, S. V.
Mazepa, A. V.
Klots, E. A.
Keywords: N-alkoxy-N-(1-pyridinium)urea salts; 1-N-alkoxyaminopyridinium salts; N-alkoxy-N-chloroureas; synthesis; structure
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Deuton-X Ltd.
Citation: Synthesis and structure of new N-alkoxy-N-(1-pyridinium)urea chlorides / V. G. Shtamburg [et al.] // European Chemical Bulletin. – 2016. – Vol. 5, № 4. – P. 142-146.
Abstract: New N-[1-(4-amino)pyridinium]-N-methoxyurea chloride, N-[1-(2-amino)pyridinium]-N-methoxyurea chloride and their analogs were synthesized by N-alkoxy-N-chloroureas reaction with the proper pyridines in acetonitrile or ether solution by improved procedure. XRD study of N-[1-(4-amino)pyridinium]-N-methoxyurea and N-[1-(2 amino)pyridinium]-N-methoxyurea revealed the elongation of N-N+ bonds and some shortening of MeO-N bonds, qunonoid deformation of pyridine rings compare to it unsubstituted analog. The substantial pyramidality of central nitrogen atom in O-N-N+ moiety and N-C carbamoyl bonds difference were established too. The structure summary of N-alkoxy-N-(1-pyridinium)ureas salts and other derivatives of 1-(N-alkoxyamino)pyridinium salts has been done.
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