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Title: Optimization of thermal modes and cooling systems of the induction traction engines of trams
Other Titles: Оптимізація теплових режимів та систем охолодження асинхронних тягових двигунів трамваїв
Authors: Liubarskyi, Borys
Petrenko, Оleksandr
Iakunin, Dmytro
Dubinina, Oksana
Keywords: tram carriage; induction engine; optimal operating modes; cooling fan; трамвайний вагон; асинхронний двигун; оптимальні режими роботи; вентилятор охолодження
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Технологический центр
Украинская государственная академия железнодорожного транспорта
Citation: Optimization of thermal modes and cooling systems of the induction traction engines of trams / B. Liubarskyi [et al.] // Восточно-Европейский журнал передовых технологий = Eastern-European journal of enterprise technologies. – 2017. – Т. 3, № 9 (87). – С. 59-67.
Abstract: We developed a procedure for the optimization of thermal modes and parameters of the cooling system of induction traction engines of tram carriages. The procedure includes the following basic steps. The optimization of operating modes of an induction traction drive by the criterion of effectiveness of its work under different modes. The optimization of motion modes of a tram carriage along a track section with the assigned motion schedule and profile based on the curves of the motion of a tram carriage, optimal by the criterion of energy consumption, using the method of Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman. The optimization of parameters of the cooling fan of traction engines by the criterion of efficiency of a cooling system using the Weyl method by the generalized golden section. It is proposed to conduct determining of operating modes of a traction drive in advance based on the solution to the problem of conditional optimization of its modes. In order to determine the optimal operating modes of a traction drive, we selected a combined method: global search is executed by genetic algorithm with a one-point crossover and by selection on the principle of roulette. At the final stage of an optimization procedure, optimum refining is carried out using the Nelder-Mead method. When a tram carriage moved along a track section, we defined the following. We determined the optimal modes of motion of the tram carriage T-3 VPA with induction traction engines for a track section with the assigned motion schedule. It was found that, compared with the basic design, efficiency of the cooling system increased by 27.6 %, which corresponds to a reduction in the proposed criterion of efficiency. Based on the results of modeling a traction engine with an optimal fan, it was established that the largest overheating is observed in the frontal part of the stator winding. The temperature is 139.6 °C at second 3363 from starting the motion and it does not exceed a permissible value of 140 °C.
Розроблено методику оптимізації теплових режимів та параметрів системи охолодження асинхронних тягових двигунів трамваїв. Оптимізовано режими роботи за критерієм ефективності. Режими руху за встановленим графіком та профілем на ділянці колії оптимізовано за критерієм витрат енергії методом Гамільтона-Якобі-Беллмана. Оптимізовано параметри вентилятора тягових двигунів за критерієм ефективності системи охолодження методом Вейля.
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