Hydrogen Storage in VNx-Hy Thin Films







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Open Access Library Inc.


Vanadium or its alloy-based hydrides are intensively studied at the moment with regard to their use as hydrogen absorbents. Most experiments were carried out using “bulk” materials. This paper uses ion beam-assisted deposition technology (IBAD) to create thin-film nanocrystalline VNx-Hy hydrogen storages. The transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy were used to study the initial stages of the film formation. The main mechanisms of the for mation of intergranular pores in nanogranular structures have been established. The interrelation of the parameters of the IBAD and those of film structure has been shown. The obtained data allowed for the explanation of the mechanisms of hydrogen absorption and desorption by thin films. It was shown that the availability of branched network of intergranular pores allows VNx-Hy structures to accumulate hydrogen within a few minutes at a pressure of 0.5 MPa. Hydrogen in amount of up to 2.55 wt% is retained in the films of 3 μm thick at room temperature and atmos pheric pressure. The hydrogen desorption starts at 100˚C


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Nanocrystalline Structures, Hydrogen, Absorption, Storage, Thin Films, Ion-Beam Assisted Deposition, нанокристалічні структури, водень, поглинання, зберігання, тонкі плівки, іонно-променеве осадження

Бібліографічний опис

Hydrogen Storage in VNx-Hy Thin Films / Viktor Bryk [et al.] // Open Access Library Journal. – 2015. – V. 2. – e2228. – [P. 1-11].