Methodical guidelines for laboratory works "Data modeling using the IDEF1X notation"





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Goal: State the laboratory practice problem. Study and analyze the subject area. Select main database objects based on analysis. Simplified description of the subject area. Some enterprise purchases products from various suppliers. Suppliers can be both legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Products purchase is performed as batches and processed in the form of supply contracts. Each supply contract has unique number and might be concluded with single supplier. Preliminary order, invoice or similar document is reason for supply. Each contract document for each product type contains product name, number of items, and cost (in UAH). Supplied products are brought to the warehouse for the purpose of further sales through various channels. Subject area analysis allowed to identify and describe core business processes related to products supply. It is assumed that enterprise will have to store large enough amount of data related to products supply. Besides, product supply information should be organized in the way that staff and management could perform analytical processing of this information. Therefore, it is necessary to create database used to store and process information related to products supply. Business process analysis allowed to define following information that might be included in the database.


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methodical guidelines, information technology, data modeling, software engineering, computer science, IDEF1X notation

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Methodical guidelines for laboratory works "Data modeling using the idef1x notation" [Electronic resource] : for students of specialties 121 "Software engineering", 122 "Computer science", 126 "Information systems and technologies" / comp.: D. L. Orlovskyi, A. M. Kopp ; National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute". – Electronic text data. – Kharkiv, 2022. – 33 p. – URI: