Guidance for laboratory works on "Algorithms and Data Structures"






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Methodical instructions for laboratory work on the course "Algorithms and Data Structures" are part of the general methods of the course "Algorithms and Data Structures", which is taught for students of specialty 121 "Software Engineering" in the 2nd semester. The purpose of the laboratory work is to consolidate and deepen the theoreti-cal knowledge gained during the study of the lecture part of the course, to acquire sustainable practical skills in the organization and use of dynamic data structures for solving problems when creating software, studying the most common algorithms for solving problems using complex data structures. The methodical instructions contain the task for 11 laboratory works and the theoretical material necessary for their implementation, as well as the options for tasks for each work.


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basic data structures, data structures, sorting algorithms, combinatorial algorithms, geometrical algorithms, recursion, dynamic programming, greedy algorithms

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Guidance for laboratory works on "Algorithms and Data Structures" [Electronic resource] : for students of specialty 121 "Software Engineering" / comp.: N. K. Stratiienko, O. A. Kozina, I. O. Borodina ; National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute". – Electronic text data. – Kharkiv, 2018. – 34 p. – Access mode: