Organization of marketing activities on the intrapreneurship





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The article deals with the theoretical study of the category of "intrapreneurship" (internal business). It is proved that internal business is conducted in two main directions: in the field of strategic management and entrepreneurship. It is proposed to conduct research of the organization of marketing activities using the theoretical and methodological provisions of the intrapreneurship. It is determined that the organization of marketing activity on the basis of intrapreneurship is a rather complex production-technological system, which is implemented in practice in specific organizational mechanisms. Organizational mechanism of marketing activity in general is an interconnected set of economic relations, principles, methods and forms of organization of the creation, implementation and practical implementation of marketing programs and projects. Attention is drawn to the fact that the communicative effectiveness of organizing marketing activities on the basis of intrapreneurship is the result of an adequate response to changes in the external environment, reflects increased opportunities for reception, understanding, assimilation, use and transfer of information, willingness and ability of intrapreneurship to contact potential consumers and the public, influence on them, to push for appropriate actions, taking into account changes in the macro level.


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intrapreneurship, marketing technologies, entrepreneurship, competitiveness, efficiency, industrial enterprises

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Pererva P. G. Organization of marketing activities on the intrapreneurship [Electronic resource] / P. G. Pererva, S. Nagy, M. Maslak // MIND Journal. – 2018. – № 5. – 10 p. – URI:, вільний (дата звернення 30.01.2019 р.).