Modified alumina cement with high service properties





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The editorial committee of China's refractories


This scientific paper gives consideration to the information on the contemporary structure of binary systems and three-component CaO – Al₂O₃ – ZrO₂ system required to select rational parameters for the synthesis of cementing agents. The production process of experimental clinker that has a Ca₇Al₆ZrO₁₈ composition has been described. The data of X-ray phase analysis and petrographic analysis of the experimental composition of special cement have been given and the reasons for availability of inappropriate phases have been analyzed. The processes of hydration hardening of the cement stone have been studied and the data of differential thermal analysis were used for the establishment of the hydration mechanism for basic crystal phases in the cement clinker composition. The differences in the hydration processes of experimental special cement were analyzed in comparison with known mechanisms. A possibility of the exploitation of special binder in contact with ZrO2 ( CaO–stabilized ) was tested using the specimens of fine concrete that were subjected to thermal treatment in different modes. The physical and mechanical properties of specimens and the mineralogical composition of concretes were given based on the data of X-ray analysis and the petrographic analysis. The cement additive was selected and its amount in the concrete composition was defined to slow-down the hardening and the mixture plasticization time. The relationships of physical and mechanical characteristics of concrete specimens were defined experimentally as a function of granulometric composition of the filler and thermal treatment temperature. The investigation data of corrosion resistance obtained using the static method were used to find out if experimental concretes can operate in contact with the steel-smelting alkaline slag.


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modified alumina cement, synthesis, hydration mechanism peculiarities, concrete composition, high–temperature service, granulometric composition of the aggregate, physical and mechanical properties

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Modified alumina cement with high service properties / S. M. Logvinkov [et al.] // China's refractories. – 2016. – Vol. 25, No 4. – P. 1-5.