Using Internet News Flows as Marketing Data Component





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The theoretical research of Internet news representation as a marketing data component concerning price strategies in polymer market was provided. The research includes some intermediate tasks. Firstly, the classification of marketing objects in news stream was prepared. Secondly, each object (event) was described with ontology including necessary keywords and using syntactic model based on formal grammar. As a result, the models of the following events were developed: competitors, offer, production level, geography, import, world prices, export and others. Finally, the solution (algorithm) was proposed to implement the study. The efficiency of the approach was proved by successful performance of real projects in the polymer market in Ukraine.


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marketing data, internet news, ontology, syntactic model, key-words, data mining

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Using Internet News Flows as Marketing Data Component [Electronic resource] / S. Orekhov [et al.] // Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Systems (COLINS 2020) : proc. of the 4th Intern. Conf., April 23-24, 2020. Vol. 2604. – Electronic text data. – Lviv, 2020. – 16 p. – Access mode:, free (date of the application 13.02.2024.).