Analysis of the Sanitary Purification of Gas Emissions from Dust in the Lime Manufacture





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Experimental studies have been carried out to study the effect of the location of the blade vortex from the end of the flue (the flow outflow from the flue to the separation chamber) by the value Vϕmax and the determination of the optimum cross section where Vϕmax is reached, and also the study of the influence of structural changes on the purification efficiency. The dependence of this swirler on the value of the tangential velocity of the gas flow at its exit from the separator is established. The cross-sections of the flue duct in which, after the swirler, the maximum values Vϕ, Vr are reached, the features of the dust-gas flow in the studied sections are considered. Based on the studies of the hydrodynamic situation during the flow of a rotating flow in the flue after the swirler, the possibilities of agglomeration of dust particles in the investigated zones, as well as the destruction of NOx gas impurities, are analyzed. During the operation of the reconstructed vortex dust collector, qualitative indices are attained, which confirm the expediency of the conducted studies and the expediency of reconstructing the vortex apparatus. It is proved that the installation of the blade vortex enhances the purification efficiency of the dust-gas flow in a vortex dust collector and will allow for a comprehensive purification of the exhaust gases.


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lime production, sanitary purification of gases, vortex swirler, dust agglomeration, separator

Бібліографічний опис

Analysis of the Sanitary Purification of Gas Emissions from Dust in the Lime Manufacture / Inna Pitak [et al.] // EUREKA: Physics and Engineering. – 2017. – No 5. – P. 65-72.